\Selecting A Breeder



1.  Does the breeder do any health clearances on adults in the breeding program?

2.  Will Breeder give a reference from others that have bought a dog from them or from their vet?

3.  View pedigrees.  Are the "many champions" alleged to be in puppy's ancestry within the first two generations or  now 4 or 5 generations back in the puppy's family tree?

4.   Does breeder own the sire and dam?  Ask to see sire and dam or their photos.

5.   Has the breeder a Litter Application?  If so, can you see it to ascertain from which dog registry, the birthdate of the litter, and the  sire and dam of the litter?                          

4.  Can breeder give a written Bill of Sale, Purchase Agreement, or AKC application to transfer registration to new owner at time of transfer of the puppy?

5.  Will Breeder share a copy of written agreements and explain in detail the terms?

6.  Ask how you may contact breeder if you have future concerns about your puppy.


Although it is fair to charge a penalty if a potential buyer changes their minds about a purchase, I cannot recommend giving a large sum as a  non-refundable  deposit on a puppy.  There are too many "scams" reported in regard to unrefunded deposits, particularly if made by credit card use.   If a buyer's circumstances change so that their home and  best care is not available  at a particular time,then a responsible  breeder  would be eager  to place the puppy in another home.  If a  Fancibul puppy does not pass its final exam to be "average or better" for this breed, then I give a full refund of deposit.   Both parties SHOULD keep the best interests of the puppy foremost in the transaction.

Down the road, as a breeder and guardian  of my Fancibuls French Bulldogs and their Frenchie puppies,   I do not want someone to feel "stuck" with my puppy if their life circumstances should change.  I don't want my puppies to end up in rescue organizations, shelters, pet stores, or the hands of commercial or backyard breeders. My contracts with the buyer have specific responsibilities  stipulated so a Fancibul French Bulldog can come back to me during its lifetime.   This is called a breeder's "First Right of Buyback".  It's sad that pets go from home to home to home(or even worse).    I do what I can to avoid this in my puppy's future.

As a reputable breeder, I would NEVER list my dogs in classified ads of newspapers or online  classifieds.  Those are the most often the resources of BACKYARD BREEDERS trying to make a little extra income.   I would not list my site  among some of the high volume commercial or " puppymiller" type websites available on the net.   Would you think as proud as I am of my Fancibuls and breeding program that I would want my dogs shown among  poorly bred dogs and bought by the "shopping cart"/Visa purchase method?  I consider information on the application, check out references, get acquainted with potential buyers,  and try to develop a relationship with prospective buyers so we can "be here" in the future..  

My FAQS & OPINIONS are an aide for doing your own research.  Also consider information provided through The American Kennel Club and French Bulldog Club of America.  
www.akc.org and www.frenchbulldogclub.org.